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Photo of the Day: Peace

For five days beginning today, my photos will be based on the five values celebrated at my Sunday Morning Activity’s Winter Festival. Here are some Peace Poles I encountered during Weekly Museum Visits (at Watts Towers; University of Maryland, College … Continue reading

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Hearthstones and Weekly Museum Visits

This post is dedicated to my friend and paralegal school classmate Mel, who has a couple blogs of her own. One of her blogs centers on 27 heart-shaped hearthstones with words printed on them; each day, she randomly chooses a … Continue reading

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Holidays at Beall-Dawson House and Los Angeles County Arboretum

I was in the middle of Weekly Museum Visits in both December 2010 and December 2011. December is a great time to visit historic house museums, because I enjoy seeing how these museums decorate for the holidays, reflecting the time … Continue reading

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An Early Museum Visit

I cheated. My Weekly Museum Visits project required me to visit a new museum every week. These parameters did not mean I constantly needed to find a museum that had just opened; rather, I had to visit a museum that … Continue reading

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Imagination, Memory, and Reason

When I first read about Thomas Jefferson’s Library at the National Book Festival last year, I learned that he categorized his book collection into three main sections: Imagination, Memory, and Reason. I understood the three sections to correspond to art, … Continue reading

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“Not Man Apart from That”

Since finishing graduate school, whenever I was not working 40 hours per week, I visited one new museum or similar site every on a weekly basis. But when my family spent Christmas 2010 with my uncle outside Los Angeles, I … Continue reading

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Tiny Libraries, Tiny Parks… Tiny Museums?

Temporary green spaces, the size of a parking space. Whimsical mailbox-sized structures holding a few dozen books. When I read about “parkmobiles”, and later, about little libraries, I had a similar reaction to each. I thought, I hope these little … Continue reading

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