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Arboretum at Lake Elkhorn

Columbia, Maryland is a place that I’ve generally loved to dislike. It’s an entity primarily made of cul-de-sacs, drab brown buildings from the 1970s, and chain restaurants. The mall is one of its main attractions. Granted, the street names are … Continue reading

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If you wanted to visit a government-run museum or park…

The Washington Post compiled a list of “If you wanted to visit… try this instead…” amidst the government shutdown (which includes the shutdown of many major parks and museums). Here are my additions to the list: If you wanted to … Continue reading

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Lapse in Appropriat…e Behavior

Well, it really happened. In a strange turn of circumstances, I am currently temping at a private company through mid-November while many friends and acquaintances with theoretically secure government jobs have been furloughed. (It is also important to note that … Continue reading

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