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Maximum India Exhibits at the Kennedy Center

I would classify the Kennedy Center as a performing arts center, not a museum. But during its Maximum India festival earlier this month, exhibits of art and cultural artifacts were present in addition to the several performances that take place … Continue reading

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Stamptuary Hall: Helen Keller

The latest addition to Statuary Hall is Helen Keller, honored as a child in statue form and as an adult on a US postage stamp. A local South Carolina newspaper has an interesting and informally written article about the recent … Continue reading

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Working at the Capitol

Two and a half weeks into my new job, I’ve decided that the most succinct way to describe my work is that I get paid to be nice to people all day. Of course, there is more to it than … Continue reading

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Stamptuary Hall: King Kamehameha I

As a new Capitol Visitor Center employee, I am interested in the 100 statues of Statuary Hall. As a former National Postal Museum intern and contractor, I am especially interested in the individuals who have been honored both as statues … Continue reading

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Pluto Is Dead, and You Killed It!

This morning on the Metro, as I commuted to my job (which I continue to mention because I am so happy to have one!), I opened up the Express newspaper, which is a free, brief version of The Washington Post … Continue reading

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End of Weekly Museum Visits

Today ends (this round of) Weekly Museum Visits.  From July 2010 through March 2011, between finishing graduate school and beginning a full-time job, I have visited at least one new-to-me museum every week. This adventure has taken me to museums … Continue reading

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Week 31: Howard University Museum

The Howard University Museum is located in one room in the Founders Library.  Being unfamiliar with the campus, it took me some time to find the building (from this experience and an occasion in December when I volunteered at an … Continue reading

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