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#MeToo. If you were not living completely off the grid for the last few months, you all but certainly saw these words on your Facebook feed. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and assault scandal – followed … Continue reading

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Museum Education Students’ Museum Field Trips: Third Semester

Most of spring 2010 was spent at the National Postal Museum (NPM). I interned there four days a week, working on a unit called Heroes on Stamps to be used in after-school programs (and falling in love with the museum’s … Continue reading

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Siteseeing: Visiting Museum Exhibits Online

A dear friend of mine is the new mother of an adorable baby boy. Now that she has lots of time at home, she asked that I write a blog post about online museum experiences, ways to visit exhibits from … Continue reading

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Challenges in Interpreting Challenger

I was three years old on January 28, 1986, when the Challenger disaster occurred; I have no personal where-were-you-when memories of the event. Years later, someone told me that everyone who worked at NASA knew that the seven astronauts would … Continue reading

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Hanging Out at Hirshhorn’s ARTLAB +

The first morning of my spring semester internship at the National Postal Museum, in January 2010, I was whisked off along with my supervisor to a meeting about a possible pair of digital learning centers to be built at two … Continue reading

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2010 National Postal Museum Internship

An online exhibit and a post in the National Postal Museum’s blog, both written by me about the Heroes on Stamps unit for after-school programs that served as the main project of my internship, are now online.

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Remaining Stamptues

My temporary position at the Capitol Visitor Center has ended (I will write more about what I learned at the CVC, and what adventures will come next, in a later post). My projects of finding and photographing the 100 statues … Continue reading

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