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Lilycove at Shady Grove

Lilycove is not actually a real place anywhere near the Shady Grove Metro. Lilycove is a fictional city (with an art museum called the Lilycove Museum) in the imaginary world of Pokémon. The imaginary world of Pokémon, meanwhile, has recently … Continue reading

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The Magic of Children’s Gardens

Are gardens magical places? Certainly gardens can be whimsical and imaginative, especially when they are designed with children in mind. My visit to Brookside Gardens (a Weekly Museum Visit in 2010) included a stop at the Children’s Garden, described on … Continue reading

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Holiday Favorites

Using my Facebook statuses, I have spent the past week or two asking friends their favorite museums, parks, and historic sites for various holiday activities. The very unscientific results follow. For seeing Nativity scenes… The visitor center at the Mormon … Continue reading

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One Quotable Nation

When Sarah Palin announced her One Nation bus tour, I looked forward to hearing which historic sites she would choose to visit. Though I am not (full disclosure) a Palin supporter, I am a visiting-historic-sites supporter. I knew I would … Continue reading

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