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Recent Resistance Reads

First, here is the text of the White House’s statement on the firing of Sally Yates, the “weak” and “very weak” acting Attorney General who “betrayed” the Department of Justice after she instructed its attorneys not to defend the executive … Continue reading

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Lapse in Appropriat…e Behavior

Well, it really happened. In a strange turn of circumstances, I am currently temping at a private company through mid-November while many friends and acquaintances with theoretically secure government jobs have been furloughed. (It is also important to note that … Continue reading

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Week 26: Sixth and I Historic Synagogue

Last night, I visited Sixth and I Historic Synaogogue; I was reassured by a friend that this should count as a museum visit because it “is both a historic house (of worship) and a present-day arts venue.”  I suspected as … Continue reading

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