November 2019 TBR

Place to Visit:

The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial in DC. I have walked past it but have not stopped to spend time exploring.

Articles to Read:

Scientists Around the World Declare ‘Climate Emergency’

Italian council is flooded immediately after rejecting measures on climate change

7 major Venice tourist sites damaged by historic flooding

Hear Ye! The Freedom Trail’s Tour Guides Have Had Enough

Marciano Art Foundation Lays Off Employees Trying to Unionize

Museum Workers Stand Up to Owners After Being Laid Off

Murals as Voice: Who We Are, Painted on the Walls

Where Women See Bias, Men See a ‘Pipeline Problem’

North Dakota brewery is putting shelter dogs on its beer cans

The fight to stop Nestlé from taking America’s water to sell in plastic bottles

New Donor Ethics Rules: Why Policies and Procedures Alone Can’t Protect Us

Microsoft Japan Says 4-Day Workweek Boosted Workers’ Productivity By 40%

Celebrations and tears from traditional owners as Uluru climb ban begins

The Far Right Is Taking On Cultural Institutions

Why Libraries Have a Public Spirit That Most Museums Lack

The post office just released a new set of stamps to honor military dogs

Border wall poses new problems for the endangered Mexican Gray Wolf

Pizza Hut’s ‘Little Free Libraries’ Look Exactly Like Mini Pizza Huts

Is there a culture of exclusion in museums?

12 Native American Authors to Read During Native American Heritage Month

Fredericksburg to move slave auction block to museum

About Laura

Paralegal with Master of Arts in Teaching in Museum Education, frequent museum visitor, based in Washington, DC. I care about what museums can do, both in terms of public offerings and internal practices, to make the world a better place. I blog about museum education ("informed"), the social work of museums ("humane"), and visitor experience ("citizenry").
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