Stamptuary Hall: Dennis Chavez

Dennis Chavez was one of the Heroes on Stamps I selected for the programming I developed at the National Postal Museum. He is also a statue in the National Statuary Hall collection; today, his statue stands outside the Old Senate Chamber.

Dennis Chavez


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2 Responses to Stamptuary Hall: Dennis Chavez

  1. jorge thomson says:

    Hello my name is Jorge Thomson. I am the great grandson of Dennis Chavez. I am always happy to see his legacy live on. I and my family are interested to hear more about the programming you developed around the stamp at the postal museum.

    • disciullo says:

      Hi Jorge! Thank you for reading and commenting!

      I worked on a unit for after-school programs called Heroes on Stamps, in which kids choose a hero on a US postage stamp and research that person. Then they develop a creative presentation about their hero along with some other activities. Dennis Chavez was one of the hero choices.

      Some information on the programming I developed should eventually be up on the National Postal Museum website. In the meantime, here’s some information about the unit when it was first piloted as one teacher’s brainchild: Though the kids did not choose Dennis Chavez that year, he is one of the choices of prominent, inspiring historical figures.

      Ultimately, the unit encourages kids to learn about heroes from American history and consider what it means to be a hero and the contribution they themselves would like to make one day!

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