Government-Run DC-Area Museums

View Government Run Museums in DC in a larger map

This is my first (but not my last) Google map. Bear with me: I’m new at this, and I don’t pretend this is a comprehensive map. Even without being comprehensive, it shows that the impact of a government shutdown on DC museums would be huge.

I wanted to find a map of museums that would shut down along with the government and link to it here, but I couldn’t find one and so made my own.


About Laura

Paralegal with Master of Arts in Teaching in Museum Education, frequent museum visitor, based in Washington, DC. I care about what museums can do, both in terms of public offerings and internal practices, to make the world a better place. I blog about museum education ("informed"), the social work of museums ("humane"), and visitor experience ("citizenry").
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2 Responses to Government-Run DC-Area Museums

  1. Wow, I just looked at your google map. It’s amazing how many government-run museums there are in DC! I just posted about travelling to DC & am just getting started on my museum experiences too. Love the concept of your blog!

    Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    • disciullo says:

      Thanks Suzanne! I no longer have the time for the original concept of the blog (visiting a new museum every week), but I will continue to blog about museums and related topics.

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